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Implication of a Silent Virus

By Pamela Rasada, R.N., P.H.N.
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Hepatitis C hospitalization costs trump original estimates.
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The Sixth Annual
California Inter- -County
Hepatitis C Task Force Conference
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California Task Force Conference
Brochure 2008
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Dr. Tarek Hassanein
of the University of California San Diego made this video and he has been very helpful to our cause throughout the state.videoVideo

Resource for patients to determine the cost of
prescriptions, doctor
visits, procedures
and hospital stays.


California Hepatitis C Task Force

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The California Hepatitis C Task Force core values

MISSION STATEMENT - revised June 30, 2012.
The California Hepatitis C Task Force will develop models and improve existing HCV prevention, education, treatment, testing and reporting practices. We will support policy that removes barriers and provides incentives to improve the quality of patient centered care, prevents new incidences of chronic hepatitis and promotes best practices for the delivery of evidence based treatments for viral hepatitis.


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The California Hepatitis C
Task Force are supporters and partners in this campaign

The Hepatitis C Task Force is a proud member of:

The Hepatitis C Task Force is a proud member of:

The Hepatitis C Task Force is a proud member of:

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The Naomi Judd's story
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Stem Cell ResearchStem Cell Research

We support the California Stem Cell Research
and Cures Initiative, which will provide funds
needed for the development of lifesaving therapies
and disease cures that could save the lives of millions
of California children and adults. You may list us publicly
as a member of the statewide coalition formed to pass this
important measure.

Join us in advocating for CIRM and supporting it's
continuing important work:

Califorina Institute For Regenerative Medicine

Hepatitis C and Substance Abuse

Uniting a Diverse Community
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The Resolution about the Hepatitis C Task Force

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